20 Ways to Use Lavender in Your Wedding

Lavender is a beautiful flower and color to use in a wedding | WeddingVox.com

The Texas Hill Country is home to a lot of things and did you know that lavender farms are one of them? We’ve found some great ways that you can use lavender in your wedding celebration and we know you’ll enjoy the inspiration.  Of course we’re not just talking about the flower, but mostly the … Read more

How to Choose Your Wedding Florist

Be sure to choose a wedding florist that can help you communicate your style in your budget on your wedding day - WeddingVox.com

Oh there’s an endless amount of inspiration for the flowers you that can have at your wedding.  It’s hard to know if some of those photo’s online are even real weddings.  And if they are can you even imagine what their budgets might be? A wedding florist can help you choose the best florals for … Read more