8 Important Things to Do After the Wedding

Your List for After the Wedding

You survived the wedding planning and had an amazing wedding!

Congratulations on this huge step into your future!  We wish you nothing but happiness.

Before you put all of the wedding bliss behind you there are a few loose ends that you may need to tie up.

Pay Any Remaining Balances to Vendors

If you have any contracts that you didn’t pay the balance before or at the wedding, now’s the time to settle up.

Most of your vendors should have already been taken care of but you may have a contract with your photographer that their last payment is upon receipt of the photo’s.  Go through your planning checklist and contracts and be sure that you’ve paid everyone else.

Review Your Vendors

If you used Yelp or google to find any of your vendors you know how important those reviews are.

Take a minute and give a review for each of them to share what a great job they did for you.  This is a great way for them to get referrals and for you to share how amazing you think they are.

It’s like a little bonus from you to them.

Order Your Wedding Album

We know you’ve been waiting impatiently for your wedding photo’s to be ready.  Now that you’ve received them it’s time to share!

You may get all of your wedding photo’s in a digital form but you may still want to consider purchasing a wedding album.  Or a wedding album may be included n your photography package.

Don’t forget that Aunt Edna doesn’t use social media so she may not ever see the photo’s if you don’t print one and drop it in the mail to her.  It’ a great thing to include with her thank you note.

Return Rentals

Did you rent furniture or decor?  What about the groom’s tux?

Be sure to make arrangements for all of these items to be returned after the wedding.  If you’re running off on an amazing honeymoon check that your wedding planner or trusted friend will follow up on these items.

Have Your Wedding Dress Cleaned

You might have been super careful in your wedding dress but there are body oils that won’t show up on the fabric until much later.

It’s a great idea to get your dress cleaned and preserved right away so that you never see them.

Having your dress preserved means that they use a special cleaning solution and then pack your dress in acid free tissue in an archival box.  This means that your dress will look beautiful years from now.

If you can’t find a cleaner near you that preserves the gowns, there are mail order services that can handle it.  We recommend asking your bridal salon to refer you to a preservationist so that you know you’ll be getting the best service possible.

Send Those Thank You Cards

Yes, we’ve heard that you have a year to get all those cards sent.  But do you really want to drag out the process that long?

We promise, a year from now you’ll have lots of other fun things to be celebrating.

It’s much easier to write thank you’s while the event is fresh in your mind.  Your thank you’s don’t have to be lengthy, just heartfelt.

You can make an event out of writing them all at once, or schedule in a few each day over the course of a few days.  We promise you’ll feel better marking this off your list.

Change Your Name – Officially

You probably made your name change facebook official the same night of the wedding.  Or whichever social media you’re using to check on all those wedding hashtags and photos.

But there are a few places that you need to file your new name to make it legally official.

You’ll want to start on this item as soon as possible because it takes a few weeks to get the whole process completed.

The process isn’t complicated, but it will take some patience to navigate.

You’ll need certified copies of your wedding certificate so be sure to request those when you have it filed.

The first stops will be your social security number and your driver license.

Other places you’ll need to change your name:

  • Passport
  • Bank and other financial/investment accounts
  • Credit cards
  • Mortgages/deeds/leases
  • Insurance policies
  • Utility bills
  • Phone/cable bills
  • Student loans
  • School/work, including payroll and retirement plans
  • Voter registration
  • State tax authority (IRS is notified automatically through the SSA)
  • Doctor/attorney
  • Professional licensing boards/associations
  • Magazine subscriptions

Take this time to clean up your subscriptions and memberships too!

Check Your Wedding Registry

Take stock of the items on your registry after you’ve opened all your gifts and sent your thank you’s.  Were there any items that would help fill in a gap, like another set of dishes?  Of was there something on there that you really wanted but didn’t receive?

Now’s the time to finish up that shopping and close out our registry.  Many registries offer a discount post wedding so this can be a good time to splurge on those last few items.

This is also the time to return or exchange any of the gifts that were duplicates or not the perfect fit for your style.

Once you’ve completed all these items you’ll start to feel like you really are married!  Now you can plan a dinner party so you can show your friends all your amazing wedding gifts.

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