22 of the Best Ikea Wedding Decor Ideas

Ikea is commonly known as a paradise for decorating hacks.

If you’ve only considered shopping them for dorm room decor then you might be surprised at the amount of Ikea wedding decor that you can find.

Of course most of their items have prices that are hard to beat so it’s worth checking out if you’re planning to DIY any of your wedding decor.

Have you started your wedding planning yet or do you need help with your budget?

Not only will you find immense amounts of inspiration on Pinterest, but with just a little imagination you can make your wedding decor on a budget.  Check out these ideas from Ikea.

Borrby Lantern

The Borrby Lantern is a great piece that can be used in all kinds of wedding decor.  They can be centerpieces for reception tables or line the aisles of the ceremony.  You can fill them with flowers and other decor or even just a single candle.

One lantern makes a great statement on a round table but a grouping of them in one area is also eye catching.

They are available in black or white but for the ultimate wedding hack you can spray paint them to match your color scheme.

A white ikea lantern is a great way to decorate for a wedding and an inexpensive option WeddingVox.com
via Ikea


The Ikea Borrby Lantern is a great way to decorate for a wedding WeddingVox.com
via Pinterest
Best Ikea Wedding Decor Ideas via My Beloved Photography
via My Beloved Photography
Use the Borby Lantern to line your ceremony walk - a great Ikea wedding decor idea  WeddingVox.com
via Pinterest
Ikea lanterns are a great piece to use for a centerpiece in wedding decorating WeddingVox.com
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Tolsby Frame

The Tolsby Frame is a great Ikea wedding staple that can be used for signs of all kinds.  They work great as table numbers for guests, or you can also just use them as frames (which is what they are!) and put cute photo’s of the happy couple in them.  Add these throughout the reception or at your sign in or welcome table.

Like any other Ikea item, you can easily spray paint these to match any style.




Skurar Candle Holder

Skurar is an Ikea candle holder but you can really use it to hold just about anything.  It’s perfect for adding to your tabletops with a small bunch of flowers or use it as a candle holder.  And like most of the other Ikea wedding items, a little spray paint can completely change up the look.

Another great Ikea wedding hack is using the Skurar candle holder for either candles or flowers  WeddingVox.com
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Mala Easel

The Mala Easel makes a great directional sign that you can use in many places at your wedding.

It can be used to greet your guests and you can add pens to the tray for them to sign the guest book.

The tray could hold straws on the way to the drink station or birdseed for throwing at the end of the reception.

And did we mention spray paint?  There’s always the option to paint the easel any color that will go well with your wedding decor.

The Mala Easel can be used in your wedding decor as a directional sign  WeddingVox.com
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Use the mala easel in your wedding decor to give your guests all kinds of information  WeddingVox.com
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Socker Greenhouse

The Socker Greenhouse is another item that can be used in so many different ways.  It makes a great centerpiece filled with flowers or succulents, but we also love the idea of using it as a card holder.  The clear glass sides make it a pretty accent.


Ikea Wedding Hack using the Socker Greenhouse to collect wedding cards.


Ikea Wedding Lill Lace Curtains

These sheer curtains can be used as a backdrop in so may different ways.  Twine some sparkle lights through the curtain to make a glowing backdrop, or just use multiple sets of the curtains for a backdrop.

You’ll find that these curtains hold up a lot better than using tulle and the bonus is that they’re very inexpensive.  Ask us how we know….

They can also be used to wrap columns either inside or outside.  Add some colorful ribbon and it will make the entire area seem more festive.

Lill Lace curtains make a beautiful backdrop for a wedding or any other kind of party  WeddingVox.com
via Ikea
Use the Lill Lace curtains to make a wedding backdrop  WeddingVox.com
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Ung Drill

The Ung Drill is a frame that features beautiful scrollwork all around it.  Of course it can be painted any color and using the center of it just needs a little imagination.

We love using it as a photo prop or a decoration for your ceremony or reception.  The bonus is that you can use it to frame a wedding photo later.

It also makes a great statement when  you use it as a tray.

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More Ikea Wedding Decor Ideas

A few other Ikea wedding ideas to pick up are definitely candles.  You can find tea lights and votives, along with just about every other size of candle that you can imagine. The prices are great and it’s easy to find a large amount of these at any Ikea store.

You can find inexpensive chandeliers and string lights and paper lanterns too.

All it takes is a little bit of imagination and some inspiration and you’ll be coming up with all kinds of DIY ideas to use.

Ikea Wedding Hacks - the best Ikea wedding decor ideas to save you money  WeddingVox.com
via Ikea

Where else have you found inspiration on using Ikea hacks for your wedding?  Send us a photo or an idea, we’d love to see your creativity!

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