6 Engagement Gift Ideas That Every Couple Will Love (or Hate)

So, I have a confession.

I didn’t even know engagement gifts were a thing until I proposed to my wife.

I have another confession.

They still don’t make any damn sense to me.

You’re supposed to give a gift to two people that are madly in love with each other and have already given themselves the best gift they possibly can by spending the rest of their lives together?

Oh, and you’re supposed to give them ANOTHER gift at their wedding?

Hell, you might even have to do a bridal shower gift as well.

I mean it seems a bit excessive to me but maybe I’m not as traditional as the wedding industry would want me to be.

Either way, it doesn’t matter because you’re here for engagement gift ideas and that’s what I’m going to provide you with.

But first, let’s get into the mindset of the person receiving the gift.

What Do They Really Want?

I always thought of the idea behind gift-giving being quite selfish. When you buy a gift you think about how happy that person is going to be which is going to make you happy.

If the person isn’t happy you get mad. Why?

Who knows.

Flip the script though and put yourself in the shoes of the person that is receiving the gift.

Do you know how many shitty gifts they are going to receive? A ridiculous amount!

I remember looking at the gifts my wife was getting at her bridal shower and thinking to myself “we don’t need 90% of this shit and to be honest, 98% of it looks like shit.”

Terrible? Probably, but there is nothing worse than people who don’t really know you getting you stuff you don’t really want.

It’s hard enough being Marie Kondo with the stuff that you buy. You don’t need the challenge of having other people load you up with more stuff.

So first things first you have to consider if the gift that you’re going to provide should even be a physical thing.

Their Living Space

If the couple lives in Los Angeles or New York City they might be living in a small place. There isn’t much room in a small place so getting them that juicer is just going to crowd things up even more.

I’m not saying they don’t want that juicer, I’m just saying you need to really think about this.

Juicing is cool for the first 3 days and then after that, you have a museum artifact sitting on the kitchen counter that goes unused for so long that when New Years comes around and you start another failed resolution you’ve totally forgotten how to use the juicer!

Or maybe that’s just me.

So while some of these recommendations are physical items, do yourself a favor and consider the physical space that the couple lives in.

Humble or Snobs

You gotta be honest with yourself on this one. Are your friends snobs or are they humble enough to love and be grateful for anything that you give them?

When you do hand over that juicer are they going to roll their eyes because you didn’t get the top of the line?

Trust me, you’re going to put some thought into this gift and when you find out that it’s never being used, you’re going to be hurt.

I don’t want you to get hurt so if the couple or even just one person in the couple is a snob, then let’s stay away from anything that has something even better at a higher price point.

What Is Expected of You?

Do you know what I expected from my friends for engagement gifts?


Remember, I told you I didn’t even know these were a thing so how could I expect anything.

However, not everybody is as cool as I am. Some people have friends and they want those friends to provide them with cool things.

You have to know your standing in life to see if you’re supposed to get something really cool or just get whatever as a nice gesture.

Alright, with all of that being considered and formulated, let’s dive into the engagement gift ideas.

X Engagement Gift Ideas

Remember, these gifts have certain requirements behind them. Just because they are on this list it doesn’t mean they will work for everybody.

Don’t come blaming me because your friend or their spouse is extremely disappointed that you got them a deck of cards.

Got it?

Let’s see what the first gift is.

Marital Bliss Game

A deck of cards!

This deck of cards is a week-long game for couples. It sends them on missions and rewards sweet behavior.

This is a great gift for multiple reasons:

  • Doesn’t take up space
  • Helps to strengthen their relationship
  • Totally unique (until 100,000 people read this article)

However, it has a fatal flaw: it’s cheap.

It doesn’t pass the snob test so be warned.

Custom Doormat

Seriously, this one is brilliant because everyone needs a doormat but nobody likes to go shopping for a doormat.

Hit them with a customized doormat that will remind them that they are actually getting married and that one of them probably has to change their last name or the doormat doesn’t make any sense.

Even though the doormat is under $50 it can still pass the snob test.

However, it won’t pass the interior designer test if it doesn’t go with the rest of their home.

A Cookbook for Newlyweds

Okay, you can already tell I’m starting to mail this in but this is a cool idea in theory.

I don’t know if either person can cook but even if they can’t, they’ll love to whip this book out on their 3rd year of marriage where it’s close to falling apart and they need to find a way to rekindle the flame so they decide to do it through cooking.

Personalized Connect Four

I can’t lie, this one is my favorite because it is so unique and I love games and I love beating my wife at games.

She never lets me win anything.

For the snob, you can even say how this is handmade by someone in Idaho that used to be a Connect Four Grandmaster but lost use of their right ear, which is super important for Connect Four, so they had to retire.

Now they spend their days crafting the world’s great Connect Four sets.

Custom Return Address Stamp

The most practical gift on the list. Sending out wedding invitations sucks. Sending out thank you card after the wedding sucks.

Make it suck less for them with a custom return address stamp.

They will love you for this one.

Unless they do everything electronically then this is a total waste.

Hire a Honeymoon Photographer

This depends on whether or not the couple is going on a honeymoon. If so, you can use a service like Flytographer to take pictures of their trip.

If you pay for this then the couple is indebted to you and you get the naming rights to their first kid.

It’s the only reason why I buy this.

It’s About the Relationship

Engagement gifts are about two relationships:

  1. The couple’s
  2. Yours with them

That’s why choosing the right gift can be so difficult but hopefully, this list of gift ideas puts you on the right track.

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