How to Get the Best Engagement Ring Selfie

You’ve got the perfect ring and the perfect guy, and now you’re ready to share your news…

If you just got engaged, CONGRATS!

We couldn’t be more excited for you!

You’ve got lots of planning and fun ahead of you, but before that you’ve got to get the all important wedding ring selfie.  You’ve got exciting news and you need to share it with the world.

Real quickly though, be sure that you’ve already shared your wonderful news with your nearest and dearest.  Take an hour or so and make those phone calls.  We don’t want any hurt feelings that someone important in your life didn’t know the news before you shared it with the rest of the world.

And then, once you’ve told all the important people in your life, you’re ready to share your big news on social media.  You’re going to want to get the best engagement ring selfie that you can so follow these tips to get a great photo and show it off to the world.

Tips for Your Engagement Ring Selfie

Be sure your nails are looking good for your engagement ring selfie |

Pretty Up Your Hands

If you normally wear a manicure then be sure you’ve got a fresh one to show off your ring.  If your nails are normally natural then be sure your hands are smooth and moisturized for the best photo.

Drink plenty of water and rub on some lotion so that your hands will be plump and look their best.

Remember that you want a classic and timeless engagement ring photo for future’s sake.

Another great trick to make your hands look beautiful is to try holding them up for 10-12 seconds before you move them into position.  This lessens the blood flow into your hands so that the veins and arteries will be less noticeable.

Wait, you don’t have time to take care of your nails?  Try holding something in your hand (make sure it looks natural) and snap a photo.  This way you get a great photo of the ring but avoid what you don’t want to show off.  Think about holding a bag, a purse strap, or a glass of bubbly.

Take off Your Other Jewelry

You want your new bauble to be the star of the show.  Take off any other rings and consider removing your watch and bracelets too.  A giant watch can make your ring look smaller and you sure don’t want that.

You want to avoid other jewelry competing for attention.

A great backdrop for showing of your engagement ring selfie |

Get the Lighting Right

Natural lighting is by far the best way to get a photo!

Step outside and snap a photo with your ring glinting in the sun.  Trust us, that natural light is going to be the best light.

If you can’t get outside to take a great photo then you’re going to want to be as near to a window as possible when you snap that shot.  If that proposal was by candlelight then by all means wait until the next day to get your best photo.

Let’s face it ladies, we’re going to be using the iPhone for this shot so turn off the flash and get out of those artificial lights.  We don’t want a blurry photo and we don’t want any weird shadows either.  Be sure that you’re not causing a shadow when you’re trying to frame the photo.

Try An Angle

Go ahead and experiment with the angle of your ring.  You definitely want to get it’s best side and showcase the beauty of it.

If you want to show off the setting you might need to take a photo angled toward the side.

If you want to show off the shape of your stone you might want to try getting an overhead shot.

Remember that you’ll need to hold your phone steady to get a crisp shot.  You can also use the timer so you don’t have to worry about touching the screen and moving the camera.  It’s okay to ask a friend for help, or your hubby to be.  There’s no shame in having help to get the best photo possible

Be sure that your hands are relaxed.  Lay them over a pillow or the arm of a chair so that your fingers are relaxed and pretty.

It’s important in a ring selfie that your hands don’t look awkward or stiff.

Use an iconic backdrop for your engagement ring selfie |

A Special Location

Did you get engaged at a special location?

That’s a fun thing to share in an engagement ring selfie.  Use it as part of your background or be sure to tell about it in your caption.

There are all kinds of backgrounds that will you give you an instagram worthy shot.  You can use a plain background, a fantastic skyline or a beautiful prop, but remember that the ring is the highlight of the shot.

Whatever background you’re using, be sure that it isn’t too cluttered.

Remember the highlight is the ring.

Using a prop is a great way to show off your engagement ring - making those plans |

The Caption is Important

Be sure to spend some time crafting a sentimental caption about your proposal and your amazing fiance.  This is a great time to be mushy and share how special he is.

Share a little about the proposal and the location if there’s a special story attached.  You could also share the story of how you met or future plans that you already have.

This is definitely the time to be sentimental.

And lastly, don’t forget the hashtags.  There are plenty to share including #engaged #inlove and #ringselfie.  Those are just a few to get you started and we’ll leave the rest to you!

Share It

You’ll want to take plenty of photos so that you can be sure you’ve got the best shot.  Go through them and pick out your favorites, but just share the one.

Yep, we know that you’re obsessed with your ring and you’re oh so excited about your engagement.

Your friends are also super excited but not for long if you fill your feed up with ring selfie’s.

Trust us, there are plenty more exciting things headed your way.  So share that fantastic photo and get ready to respond to all the compliments and congratulations that are coming your way.

Be sure to tag us so we can share in your excitement!

And once you’ve posted your engagement ring selfie check out our Wedding Planning Timeline!

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