How to Choose Your Wedding Florist

Oh there’s an endless amount of inspiration for the flowers you that can have at your wedding.  It’s hard to know if some of those photo’s online are even real weddings.  And if they are can you even imagine what their budgets might be?

A wedding florist can help you choose the best florals for your big day.  Your perfect wedding florist will help keep you on budget, in season and in theme.

The job of a wedding florist job is simply to bring your inspiration to reality.

They are in charge of ordering and designing your arrangements and also delivering and setting them up.  Your florals may include a flower chandelier, aisle decor and arches along with your bouquets and boutonnieres.  Your floral decor will be an amazing and one of a kind addition to your wedding decor.

But first you have to find the perfect person to bring your vision to life.

How to Find a Wedding Florist

Just like our advice for all vendors, we suggest that you start with asking for recommendations.  Friends, family, your other vendors, social media – these are all great places to ask.

Google is not going to be your best friend for this search.  You may be able to find a lot of your vendors by an internet search but flowers, not so much.  You’re going to be better off using local bridal magazines and wedding websites to narrow down your search for a wedding florist.

Know What You’re Looking For

Just as there are many places to purchase flowers, there are different types of florists.  Here’s what you might find when you start researching.

Retail Florist

A retail florist is your local shop that provides flowers in your community.  This is the place that you can stop and pick up a bouquet or have them whip up something special for you.  They are the shop that will send flowers when that’s needed.

A retail florist may or may not be equipped to do wedding florals.

If you have a local florist that doesn’t handle wedding florals, they may be able to offer some recommendations.  A retail florist may be able to help you or at least point you in the right direction.

Floral Designer

A floral designer is your wedding florist.  They can combine flowers and greenery across all of your floral needs to make your wedding flowers balance and accentuate each other.  A floral designer is a creative who can bring your ideas to life and provide you with all the florals you can dream up for your wedding.

Full Service Designer

A full service designer is the person that coordinates not just your florals, but your table settings, colors and other decor so that it all works together.  They are a floral designer but with the addition of working on other aspects of your ceremony and reception.

A full service designer can take your vision from start to finish and include all your design aspects.

Once you have a few recommendations you’ll want to check out their social media and websites.  They should have plenty of pictures of past work so that you can get a vision for their style and aesthetic.

Meeting With A Wedding Florist

Before you meet with your florist you have a few jobs to complete.  You’ll need to check a few items off of your list so that they can give you the best service.  Here are the items that need to be completed before your first meeting:

Your Budget

If you haven’t set a budget yet then you need to get that done.  Your budget will determine most of your decisions during wedding planning and it’s crucial to have your numbers in hand so that you can be realistic with your vendors.

You can expect to spend around 8% of your total budget on the flowers and other decor. This may include all the bouquets (including a toss bouquet), boutonnieres, table arrangements, swags, arches and any other floral decor that you’re planning.

Your Date and Venue

Obviously it’s important to be sure that your florist is available on your wedding date, but the date will also determine what flowers are in season.

Using flowers that are in season will keep you on budget and it may also fit in with your decor.

Your venue style will also determine what types of florals will fit.  If you’re on a beach your decor may be completely different than if you’re in a grand ballroom

Show them Your Inspiration and Theme

It’s a great idea to have your colors and style determined so that you have a bit of focus.  If you have some magazine or Pinterest inspiration you’ll want to share these so that your florist can get a better sense of your style.

Think classic, rustic, modern, succulents or all greenery.  Fairytale or modern.  Find some words that help describe what you want your decor to feel like.

Guest Count and Reception

The guest count will determine how many centerpieces you’ll need.  The number of people in your wedding party will determine how many corsage and boutonnieres you’re going to need.

Other places that might include displays are the buffet, guest table, gift table, memory table.  Your florals can be simple or elaborate, a few or many.

Things to Ask a Wedding Florist

When you meet with a wedding florist you want to be sure that you get all of your questions answered.  You want to be comfortable communicating with the florist because they are interpreting your vision.  The easier you find them to talk to, the easier time you’ll have relating your ideas.

A few things you’ll want to ask:

  • How do you determine the design and how closely will it resemble the ideas we share with you?  Do you share a Pinterest board or drawings?
  • Do they help setup and is there a delivery fee?
  • How long will set up take?
  • Are containers purchased or rented?  Do they pick them up after the event or do we return them?

The Contract

Once you’ve found a florist you like and you’ve agreed on a budget and design style, you’ll get a proposal.  The proposal becomes your contract when you’ve agreed to all the details included.

Be sure that you read all the provisions and understand them.  Don’t be afraid to ask questions or ask for changes if you’re not happy with any of them.  This is your chance to get everything ironed out and in writing so you can move forward.

Once you sign that contract you’re ready to move forward with ideas.  Be sure to mark any important dates into your planner and send all your ideas to your florist.

Now it’s time to go and smell the roses!

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