20 Ways to Use Lavender in Your Wedding

The Texas Hill Country is home to a lot of things and did you know that lavender farms are one of them?

We’ve found some great ways that you can use lavender in your wedding celebration and we know you’ll enjoy the inspiration.  Of course we’re not just talking about the flower, but mostly the flower.  We did pop in a little color inspiration just for fun.

Lavender is such a dainty and beautiful flower and it’s easy to incorporate into many design styles.  It’s also got enough color to stand on its own and lend a nice fresh scent in its fresh or dried state.  You can tuck lavender sprigs almost anywhere to add a little pop of color to your decor.

Use Lavender for Your Wedding Photos

Using a lavender field as your backdrop for wedding photo’s is a beautiful accent that lends a pinkish tone to your pictures.  Texas lavender fields may not be as thick and lush as the ones that you’re used to seeing in photo’s, so if you’re considering this as an option be sure to go visit the fields in advance.  Our unique weather means that a lavender field can have several stages of growth all at the same time.

Lavender is also a color that will work in any season.  It pairs well with a blush pink for spring or a deep purple for fall.  Your imagination is the only thing standing between you and all the lavender for your wedding decor.

Regardless of how you choose to use lavender in your ceremony or reception, we’re sure that these photo’s will give you some great ideas.

Lavender Wedding Inspiration for the Groom

A lavender boutonniere for the gentlemen is a perfect accessory | WeddingVox.com
via TwigAndFernCo

Lavender can stand on its own for a boutonniere or it mixes nicely with many other colors.  Sage greens and pinks or whites will keep those muted tones.  Or you can add a hot pink and make a bold statement.  We love the touch of thistle on these button holes.  It gives them just a bit of a graphic punch.

Lavender is a great color for your groom | WeddingVox.com
via Pinterest

The groom looks amazing with a touch of purple.  Go all the way with the vest, tie and handkerchief or find a beautifully patterned tie and coordinate your flowers to match.

Lavender Inspiration for the Bridal Party

Adding lavender flowers into your bouquet will gift a softer feel and smell amazing | WeddingVox.com
via welcominggrace

In a bouquet, lavender is a great accent flower.  It has a nice light touch to the sprigs and the color softens up the formality of the roses.  We think it looks fantastic with that dark plum color especially.

Use sprigs and shades of lavender as an accent in your wedding hairstyle | WeddingVox.com
via Serenity

Another great place to use your flowers is in your hair.  Add lavender and other complimentary flowers to a comb and you’ll have some beautiful color in an unexpected place.

Lavender earrings are a great way to incorporate this beautiful color into your wedding wardrobe | WeddingVox.com
via Serenity

Lavender earrings are a beautiful addition to your wedding jewelry.  Or for your bridesmaids, this is a wonderful and thoughtful gift that they can wear.

Lavender Shoes are a beautiful way to incorporate the color without it showing under your dress | WeddingVox.com
via Happy Wedd

Bridal shoes can be hidden under a gown or the gown may be slightly shorter in the front to show off your shoes.  Either way, this is a great opportunity to add in a little kick of color and style.

Mixing lavender bridesmaid dresses with blush | WeddingVox.com
via Borrowed and Blue

Here’s a beautiful mix of colors for bridesmaid dresses.  Lavender pairs nicely with shades of blush and cream if you’re mixing colors and styles.  We love these pastel colors for a spring or summer wedding.

Lavender and a deep plum make a beautiful combination for your bridesmaids | WeddingVox.com
via Sorella Vita

For a more formal wedding, or for a fall or winter wedding, lavender and a dark plum look beautiful together.   The simple white flowers are a great accent letting all the color rest on the gowns.

Lavender Inspiration for Your Guests

Use lavender in paper cones to toss at the send off for the bride and groom | Wedding Vox.com
via TheTinyHouseFarm

Have you thought of using dried lavender as your toss confetti?  Not only does it smell amazing but it’s earth friendly and won’t leave a mess.  The bonus is that someone may have lavender popping up in their grass later.

Honey with a twig of lavender is a great parting gift for your wedding guests | WeddingVox.com
Image by Woman & Delice

A lavender infused honey is a wonderful gift for all of your guests.  They’ll remember your wedding every time they add honey to their tea or toast.

Lavender Laser Cut Wedding Invitations | WeddinVox.com
via EWW

These laser cut invitations in lavender give your guests a hint about what’s to come.  They are beautiful and dainty, and of course in the best color – lavender.

A lavender flower crown is a beautiful addition to your wedding attire | WeddingVox.com
via Love Sparkle Pretty

A flower crown is a beautiful addition for a more boho style wedding.  They have become quite popular and we love this one made with lavender and rosemary.  It’s an amazing combination of scents too.

The bride or bridesmaids might wear these but you could also set up a flower crown station at your reception.

A lavender pendant is a beautiful gift or a decoration | WeddingVox.com
via Very Meadow

These lavender pendants are real plants suspended in resin.  They would make beautiful and unique bridesmaid gifts.

We also like the idea of draping these pendants around candles or bottles and using them as part of the wedding decor.

Lavender Soap is a nice parting gift for attendees of your wedding | WeddingVox.com
via Nature Escapes

Lavender milk soap is another idea that you could use for parting gifts.

If you’re making guest bags for your out of town guests, this could be a sneak peek into the wedding for them.

Lavender Inspiration for Your Ceremony

Lavender tied with a ribbon is a pretty detail on your place settings or anywhere else you need a touch of color | WeddingVox.com
via Pinterest

Adding a sprig of lavender on the dinner napkins is a pretty place to incorporate the color.  If you had the time for each napkin to be laid out and adorned this is beautiful.  If not we definitely like the next idea of adding sprigs all down the center of the table.

A beautiful fall table setting using lavender and white pumpkins | WeddingVox.com
via Taryn Whiteaker

Sprigs of lavender all down the center of the table make a beautiful statement.  For this fall tablescape they are paired with white pumpkins and candles.  For a spring table white flowers and candles would make a great option.

A lavender colored table setting with real lavender accents | WeddingVox.com
via Joy Wed

This spring tablescape incorporates the color of lavender into the linens and the flowers in the centerpiece. One sprig at each place setting makes a beautiful and simple statement.

A beautiful rustic tablescape featuring lavender | WeddingVox.com
via Knotsvilla

We love this rustic display.  It makes a beautiful table for the bride and groom but you could also set something like this up for your guest book or cake table.

The deer skull is definitely a touch of Texas!

This amazing arch is lined with lavender and other complimentary colors | WeddingVox.com
via Tularosa Flowers

This might be the most beautiful wedding arch we’ve ever seen.  There are so many flowers and such simple colors of lavender and shades of purple and pink.  There aren’t enough words to tell you how much we love this arch.

A Special Lavender Cake and Cocktail

What could be prettier than a blackberry lavender naked cake | WeddingVox.com
via Half Baked Harvest

The naked cake just keeps gaining in popularity.

This version is a blackberry lavender flavor and it’s beautiful and simple.  There’s no need to wonder if it will be delicious because just looking at it makes our mouths water.

Lavender Lemonade is a great choice for a signature cocktail at your wedding | WeddingVox.com
via Champagne and Paper Planes

A lavender lemonade cocktail is a fantastic signature drink.  We love this cocktail in the summertime and we know that your guests will surely be impressed with it.

We know that you found something amazing here that could inspire you.  Be sure to click on the photos because they’ll lead you to even more inspiration.


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